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You're Not A Failure: 5 Reasons Your Website Isn't Getting Any

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You hit publish. You wait. And wait. You get some Starbucks and check your stats. Still nothing. Not even a bird chirps in your direction. Are you thinking it's you? Is your website wearing leggings as pants again?

You're Not A Failure:  5 Reasons Your Website Isn't Getting Any
Tweet: 500 peeps will not magically find you and share your site like a bowl of M&Ms at the holiday office party. #socialmediacounts #m&m #magic

500 peeps will not magically find your site and share it like a bowl of M&M's at the holiday office party.

There are reasons why you have no traffic. There are reasons why no one is finding you. 

1.  Your content is irrelevant

Your content must change lives and provide value. Write what your readers are looking for. Not sure what they are looking for? Research what your competitors are doing. Use tools like BuzzSumo to find out what content is performing best. Then, write about the same topic. Only in your voice. No one likes a copycat. 

2.  Your Website Is Confusing

When someone views your website, is it clear what you do? Is it obvious to a stranger what value your provide? Is your blog a mishmash of topics? Do you even have a brand? If any of the above apply to you. 


Stop doing what you’re doing and go down another fork in the road. If you don’t have a brand, get one. I can help.

If you are blogging about whatever comes to mind, narrow it down to a handful. Let them compliment each other. 

If your site doesn’t clearly show what you do, you need to find out what it is you do and build your website from there.

3.  Your images suck

People are visual. They like pretty things. They like other people to make whatever task at hand as easy as possible, And if possible, pay someone to do that task. If your images are fuzzy and overall not very appealing, update them. Take all your photos with the same background for consistency. Make sure there is enough light.

Check out photography tips from The Sits Girls

4.  You Aren’t Using Social Media

What?! I’ll admit, I don’t like posting every minute of everyday what I’m wearing/doing/eating. But when it comes to your business, people want to know. Post often. Post the same content often. I may not be online when you post and I will never see your life-changing product unless you post when your audience engages the most. You don’t have to be on every social media outlet. Pick a few and dazzle them. Social media can drive traffic to your site like no one's business. 

5.  You’re Not Linking 

You’re not linking to other relevant content on your site. You’re not linking to external content either. Linking makes your content more valuable. And it makes it easier for Google to find similar content. 

What are you doing to improve the traffic to your website?