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Surface Pattern Design: 3 Sites That Will Make You Smarter, Cuter, & a Better Designer

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Before you roll your eyes, the title is true. When you improve your design skills, you become smarter. The smarter you feel, the more confidence you have. And confidence is sexy. Therefore, you become cuter. It's a trifecta of improvement. 

Surface Pattern Design:  3 Sites That Will Make You Smarter, Cuter, & a Better Designer

1.  Make It In Design

These ladies have the abc's of surface pattern design down. They teach 3 modules all about design, with a fourth concentrating on building your design portfolio. I am a graduate of modules 1-3, and am currently taking the Ultimate Portfolio Builder now. I cannot praise them enough! 

The only thing that I wish I knew before I started module 1 was the basics of Adobe Illustrator. Between modules 1 & 2 I learned as much as I could about using Illustrator, and it made a huge difference in my designs

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2.  CreativeLive

CreativeLive brings experts in any field you can imagine, directly to you. If you happen to catch a class live, it is free. If you want additional resources that the instructor is using, or if you want to view it later, you can purchase the class at a discounted rate. You can even apply to be in the audience during the live taping of the class. 

I have taken classes on design, photography, and branding. 

3.  Skillshare

Skillshare has paid monthly options, and a free option to choose from. They have hundreds of classes to choose from. Some of the same teachers on CreativeLive teach classes here as well. The classes may be scaled down tho, so do your research before making a choice. They also have every topic imaginable to learn about. 

Skillshare has a refer a friend program. Which means I get a free month every time one of my friends signs up for a paid plan through my link.

What are you doing to improve your skills?