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Submitting Your Work: It Can Be Scary But Rewarding

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Submitting work is a vital part of getting your designs out into the world. Sometimes I stare at the computer screen not sure what to do next. Do I hit send? Am I ready to send? Do I review the requirements one more time to make sure I meet all of them? Is my style somewhat near what they have featured in the past?

I have submitted my surface pattern designs many times. All of the rejection emails were so nice! I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed when I received them though. Rejection has value. It has made me work harder. It has made me research the market better to send my designs to those they fit in with most. 

The best part of submitting your work? It pays off! Even of it takes months or years for someone to feature your work, still submit it. Even if it takes hundreds of rejections, submit it. Learn and grow from this experience and use it to your advantage. Some companies will tell you why they have rejected your design, and some will even give you a tip or two on how to improve. 

This past August I was in MOYO Magazine in their "A Postcard from..." article. How did I get there? I emailed them. I told them about my town and I showed them some of my work. This was, of course, a submission that they were soliciting. I am not sure how I feel about submitting my work to companies that aren't necessarily requesting it. I have done it. Just not sure what the correct protocol is. Do you?

Here are four tips when submitting your designs:

1.  Research the company that you want to submit to. Make sure their style is within your range. I may want to submit work to The Land of Nod, but that isn't anywhere near my style. 

2.  Read all the guidelines before you hit send. Nothing is worse than someone overlooking your cute giraffes because the dpi isn't correct.  Not sure what dpi is? I got you covered, click here.

3.  Make sure you are sending your work to the right person. If not, your work will not get in front of the people that you need. Spell their name right too! Can't find the info online? Call. Seriously. Pick up the phone and talk to a live person. Not a lot of people do this, so already you are making an impression.

4.  Don't get discouraged. It's so easy to slip into despair when you don't hear anything from your dream company. I have waited months to hear back from a company only to get a automatic rejection email. Other times I have heard within minutes that they liked my work. 

Would you like to see your designs in MOYO Magazine? If you don't try, you will never know. Click here to see how to showcase your work and the submission guidelines.

Who are you submitting your designs to?