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She Works Hard For The Money: How To Manage A Full-Time Job and Opening A Side Business

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No one will say that it's easy. You wake up in the morning, scoff at your hair, throw on whatever is laying on the chair, grab toast out of hubby's hand, and run out the door. You work 8-10 hours. You come home, throw your heels in a corner and head straight to your office. You're now wearing your entrepreneur hat. How do you do it?

She Works Hard for the Money:  How to Manage a Full-Time Job & Opening a Side Business

Write Everything Down

Make a list of everything that you need to do to open the side business. Include every detail like business license, domain name, email, procedures, product packaging, stationery supplies, business cards, and tools needed. Prioritize them. Go down the list and check them off as you complete them. If you realize you now need to (fill in the blank) then add it to the list. Then you can be sure that you have completed all that was needed. 

Organize Yourself

Write your schedule down. Merge calendars if you have to. When you are busy all the time, you will forget to pick up your kids from soccer practice, show up on the wrong day to an appointment, and/or lose your mind. Organize your business tasks and home life. Once you find a schedule that works, stick with it. Making it a habit is better than treating it like a chore.

If you have a blog, use an editorial calendar to organize your posts. It will help you stay on top of your game. The more you post, the more your content is out into the world. The more content = more readers. get the idea.

Keep Your Priorities Straight

When you are at your full time job, give it your full attention. It is not right to be managing your side business from your cubicle. When you are working on your side business do the same. You don’t need to check work emails during that time. 

If you are eventually planning on quitting, then build up a nest egg while you can. Decrease your monthly expenditures. Increase your monthly side income. 

There are business owners out there that just quit. They pulled the cord to the evacuation slide, grabbed a beer, and saluted the boss as they drove away. You may be one of those people. You lucky bastard. 

What is your best advice for managing a full-time job & opening a side business?