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Pinterest Rich Pins: Drive More Traffic To Your Site Now

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Are you wondering how to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your site? Rich pins may be part of the answer. Rich pins are pins that have extra information on the pin itself. They highlight additional information such as price, stock availability, description, location, etc. They appear to your potential customers as more relevant. The info they need is right there, instead of having to hunt for it. There are six categories of pins:  app, place, article, product, recipe and movie. Your business can benefit from at least one these. Right?

Pinterest Rich Pins Drive More Traffic To Your Site

The Benefits of Rich Pins

1.  Automatic Updates

 If you update information on your website, your pin is automatically too! You won’t have to manually update your products and that saves you time. Maybe take a few extra minutes in the morning for yourself?

2.  Higher Visibility

There is a lot of competition on Pinterest. Rich pins help pins stand out. In a user’s home feed, the pin will include your website info and logo. Brand recognition in a neat little box.

3.  Easier Purchasing Information

The easier the process is, the more likely a pinner will act. Your pins will have pricing info, availability, and a link to your shop. 


Pinterest Rich Pin:

Pinterest Pin with Rich Pine enabled

Regular Pinterest Pin:

Pinterest Pin without Rich Pin enabled


How to get Rich Pins for your Squarespace Site:

Rich pins are enabled by default! Squarespace teamed up with Pinterest to enable rich pins automatically when you link your Pinterest account to your website. So, there isn’t anything else to do but sit back and relax. If you’re wondering how to connect Pinterest with your Squarespace site, here is a quick and easy tutorial

What are you doing to drive more traffic to your site?