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Make It In Design Blog: Pattern Design Showcase 1 UPB (Sept 2015 Class)

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I am a creature of habit. My alarm goes off precisely at 6:15 A.M. I roll over and check my email, Facebook feed, Instagram Feed, and maybe play a little Words with Friends (still getting my butt kicked BTW). Ten minutes of scrolling, liking, sharing, and pinning, then I am off to the shower. But this morning, I rolled over and realized one of my designs was chosen for the Ultimate Portfolio Builder Pattern Design Showcase. Oh Happy Day!


The wonderful folks at The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design have given me lots of press mentions since I started taking courses with them. I highly recommend checking them out! Have I said that before? I think I could just hug them if they weren't so far away!

They chose my Wire Fish print. I love this one. I love the color. I loved designing all the fish. I love the contrast.  I could go on and on and on. 


What blog would you like to be featured on?