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Color Palette: How To Make Your Own For Your Surface Designs

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You took great care in designing the perfect motif. You hand sketched in your moleskin journal in pencil. You outlined it with uni-pens. You scanned them into the computer and imported them into Illustrator. You used image trace and are happy with the placement of your surface design. Now what?

How to make your own color palette

It's time to choose your color palette.

There are several ways you can choose your color palette. I find the best color palettes I create are from photos that I have taken. It makes the palette completely original and it comes from work that I did. I don't feel that I have copied someone else, or used something that belonged to another designer. 

Creating a Color Palette from your Photograph

Place your photo in Illustrator (File:Place). Draw a few rectangles and use the eyedropper tool to extract the colors that you want to use. Once you are finished, highlight all the rectangles and click on new color group. 

The Eyedropper Tool


Choose your colors

Use the eyedropper tool to extract color from your photos

Highlight the colors that you want to use and click on "New Color Group"

Adobe Illustrator new color group tool

What's the best way you have found to create your color palettes?