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Bloglovin': How to Grow Your Blog Following the Easy Way

Bridgette BurtonComment

I have heard about blog readers before, but never actually used one. Instead, I like to subscribe and fill my inbox every morning with hundreds of emails. Well, I used to anyway. Now, I have so many emails that I have stopped opening many of them and just keep hitting delete until I feel that I have the inbox under control.

Bloglovin':  How to Grow your Blog Following the Easy Way

For those of you who are living under the rock next to me, a blog reader is where you can follow all of your favorite blogs (like Love Midge) in one spot. It takes the hassle out of going to every blog to see what’s new. Or filling up your inbox like my preferred method.

I recently signed up for Bloglovin’. It was simple and over before I knew it.

Here are the clear benefits:

1.  Increase your readership.

Your blog posts can now have the potential to be seen by people who wouldn’t otherwise know anything about you or your blog. If you post gets some traffic, expect a spike in your website metrics as well. 

When I say potential, just remember that nothing is a for sure thing. But, with many, many folllowers using platforms like Bloglovin’, it will be easier for them to follow your posts or save them for later.

2.  It allows your readers to save posts for later.

Amazing! I know that in the past I would bookmark (old school, I know - but someone has to kick it that way still) and go back to the post when I had a moment. If I didn’t, then the small window of interest was shut forever. Mainly because I just plain forgot about it. I have the memory of a tweet people. 

3.  It’s a free marketing tool that doesn’t take up your time.

You have a limited time to do all the stuff with your blog or business. This makes it simple. Once you claim your blog, you can see all the analytics and get widgets for your site. That makes that much easier for Marge in Wisconsin to follow your killer writing.

4.  See what types of posts are popular in your industry.

Use Bloglovin’ as a research tool. See what’s popular, read it, and create posts that may gain traffic to your blog as well. 

Tips for Bloglovin Domination:

 1.  Check the “I don’t want the frame” box.

This will open up your post directly from your blog. Otherwise it opens in the Bloglovin’ frame. I suggest the goal be to get readers to your site and keep them there as long as possible.

2.  Create a catchy title, first paragraph, and a beautiful pic.

A catchy title will draw them in, and the first paragraph is used as an excerpt to the post. Make both work for you. The first image in your post is the image that will be used. It’s a triple threat to your competitors.

Do you use Bloglovin'? Has it increased your following?