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Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts: My Gift to You

DesignBridgette BurtonComment

I am a big fan of shortcuts. If I can find something that takes even half a step out of my process, I am all over it. When I was learning AutoCAD (a super duper long time ago), I was taught using nothing but the command line. Now, I can breeze through designs like no one's business. But, when I started learning Adobe Illustrator, the commands were different, and my fast fingers got really confused. I was a hot frustrated mess.

So, in order to learn the Illustrator commands, I made my self a cheat sheet. And now it's yours. You no longer have to write it on your hand, or a slip of paper folded up into tiny rectangles. Just click on the image below to download.


What are you favorite Adobe Illustrator shortcuts - ya cheater?