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Adobe Illustrator: How To Recolor Your Artwork

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If you are brand new to Illustrator, this next tool will blow your mind. Literally. You will be experimenting with it for hours on end. What tool are we talking about? The recolor artwork tool. 

Adobe Illustrator how to recolor your artwork

The recolor artwork tool is located right here:

Adobe Illustrator recolor artwork tool

This is one of the most powerful tools that AI has. It lets you change the color of your artwork without having to change each vector individually. AMAZEBALLS.

So How Do You Use This Bad Boy?

1.  Load the color swatches that you want to use.

2.  Select the artwork that you want to recolor.

3.  Click on the recolor artwork tool. A box will come up. 

Recolor Artwork box

4.  Select the color palette that you want to use in the right column under color group. 

5.  Click on this symbol:

You will see that you original artwork has changed. Keep clicking until you are happy with the result. This tool has many different options that you can choose from. You can specify a recoloring preset with the preset drop-down. You can choose how many colors are in the artwork with the colors drop-down. You can include colors, exclude colors from being recolored, and increase or decrease the saturation or brightness. You can drag to move colors in the current colors box. 

You can play and experiment with all the different options available and come up with the perfect color combo for your illustrations. 

Here is an example of what can be done in ten seconds with the recolor artwork tool:

adobe illustrator how to recolor your artwork-02-02.png

What are your favorite Adobe Illustrator tools?