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5 of the Best Articles on Product Packaging

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Are you ready to start packaging your product? 

As Marty Neumeier says in his book The Brand Gap, “A retail package is the last and best chance to make a sale.”

Here are 5 of the best articles about packaging your product:

1.  Want to know the 5 things your product packaging must do? Simon Precee wrote an excellent article for Forbes detailing “Biomotive Triggers” which are “sensory cues that affect our subconscious, generating emotion and action before the conscious part of our brain can respond.” Great product packaging makes it easy to understand the three main questions you need to answer: who I am, what I am, and why I am relevant to your life.  

2.  More Than Branding lists 9 functions of product and package design. “When a product design is groundbreaking, it can influence the way we use something specific by shifting behavior patterns”. Have you ever noticed a brand that changes any of your behavior patterns?

3.  Joshua Conran’s article for Inc. called Why Your Product Packaging Is as Important as the Product Itself, has some staggering statistics: 95% of new products fail. However, with great packaging, take Trunk Club for example, your product can catch the eye of Nordstrom’s and a $350 million payout.

4.  Have you thought about what your product is saying to your customers? James Black rethinks the role of the package in communications. He compares the cleverly designed new packaging for Kotex to the failed attempt of Tropicana. Brand recognition played a huge part for the success and failure of those two brands.

5.  99designs article detailing six rules to get noticed on the shelf. These tips are very simple, yet aren’t considered completely by product developers. My favorite two? Honesty and integrity. Who knew?

Product packaging can make or break your brand. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a potential customer and lock in the deal. Use that space wisely.

What product packaging tips do you have?