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30 Blog Post Ideas: What To Write When Your Brain Has Stopped

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I sometimes sit in front of my computer staring at the screen. Google Docs is open. My fingers are on the keyboard. And yet, I’m frozen. Can’t move. Can’t think. Unsure of what to do next. Admit it. You have been there too. 

30 Blog Post Ideas:  What To Write When Your Brain Has Stopped

I decided to brainstorm 150 blog post ideas. I sat in my car at lunch with an old school piece of paper and a #2 pencil and just wrote. Wrote what I wanted to learn. Wrote what i wanted to share. I wrote what I thought my large audience would want to read from me. Ok large may be pushing it, but still. Three people count. 

Here is my list of 30 blog post ideas:

So you don’t have to eat a cheeseburger at an abandoned park to brainstorm your ideas.

1. Why you started your blog

I like reading about who people are before I give them my cherished email address. They could be offering me something free that they are convincing me that I need, but if I don’t buy into their story, I don’t enter my email. Simple as that. Our email boxes are overcrowded with unwanted advice, coupons, and junk. 

2.  How you got to 1000 subscribers in 20 minutes

Did you do something so awesome that you cannot wait to share how well it actually worked?

3.  Tools of Your Trade

What tools are you using in your industry? Are there certain computer programs? Is is a certain brush or applicator? People want to know what you use to succeed. They want to be just like you.

4.  How you mastered the art of… (blog hopping?)

This could be anything. You are a master of many things (krav maga?). Pick one and write about it. How has it changed the way you do business? Was it difficult to learn or apply?

5.  Create a quick tutorial

Your readers will thank you. They want to know how you do what you do.

6.  Share some of your publicity

Did you get featured in a magazine? Was your blog post featured on another blog? Did Jenny from the block wear your jewelry?

And here are 24 more:

7.  Your favorite blogs
8.  Your favorite places to get information relevant to your brand
9.  Highlight clients and the work you do together
10.  Unlock the secrets of your industry
11.  Answer questions from your readers
12.  Facts about your industry
13.  Where to get publicity
14.  Share your secrets on shortcuts
15.  How to do _____ in your business
16.  Feature people in your industry
17.  Create an email series and write about it to get your readers interested
18. A new resource
19.  Review something
20.  What would a newbie need to know about your industry?
21.  Things you do to keep your business running smoothly
22.  Your latest blog hop and what you learned
23.  Things you are changing in your business and why
24.  Why you decided to not do something
25.  A number of tips and tricks
26.  Lessons learned from your first year in business
27. What you are doing to increase your bottom line
28.  What passive income streams are working or not working?
29.  Giving away something for free
30.  Thanking your loyal readers

A Quick and Easy Editorial Calendar:

Click on the image below and download it for your own use. You can carry one with you to jot down ideas as they come to you.


I have about 120 more on my list. How many of these are you going to use? How do you come up with your post ideas?