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Make It In Design Blog: UPB Graduate Interview

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If I had one piece of advice, it would be to keep trying. Keep at your artwork. Keep at trying to get an art agent. Keep trying to get an art licensing deal. Keep submitting your work. It will pay off. And for me, it did. The Make It In Design team featured me on their blog as a graduate of the Ultimate Portfolio Builder course. (BTW, loved it. If you read my blog, you know this already!)


Little ol' me of all people. All I have done so far is taken some art courses, a portfolio builder course, and started my Instagram feed, wrote some semi-interesting blog posts (one that hit it through the roof. Sign up for my newsletter to read more about this!)

Read my interview here. I talk about what got me started as a designer, what projects I am working on, and who I am as a designer. Super interesting stuff!

Where have you or your artwork been featured?

Make It In Design Blog: 6 Days to Go

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Have you tried setting up an alert to be notified every time your business is mentioned? Well, I have. I thought I did. But, like anything else, it misses some important mentions! I just realized that my Mid Century coffee mug mockup was featured on the Make It In Design Blog and I missed it! Although the Ultimate Portfolio Builder course has already started, you can always sign up for the newsletter to be notified when the next course begins!


I enjoyed this course so much! It helped me grow as a designer, and I got really useful feedback about my designs. Those comments really made me feel like I was on the right track. 

What feedback have you received that made you feel on top of the world with your designs?

Make It In Design Blog: Pattern Design Showcase 1 UPB (Sept 2015 Class)

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I am a creature of habit. My alarm goes off precisely at 6:15 A.M. I roll over and check my email, Facebook feed, Instagram Feed, and maybe play a little Words with Friends (still getting my butt kicked BTW). Ten minutes of scrolling, liking, sharing, and pinning, then I am off to the shower. But this morning, I rolled over and realized one of my designs was chosen for the Ultimate Portfolio Builder Pattern Design Showcase. Oh Happy Day!


The wonderful folks at The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design have given me lots of press mentions since I started taking courses with them. I highly recommend checking them out! Have I said that before? I think I could just hug them if they weren't so far away!

They chose my Wire Fish print. I love this one. I love the color. I loved designing all the fish. I love the contrast.  I could go on and on and on. 


What blog would you like to be featured on?

Art Licensing Agent: Should you find one and where to look

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I think that at one point we have all asked ourselves the question:  Should I find an art licensing agent? It's true that with the right agent, you will free yourself up to create more beautiful art. But, how do you find an agent? Let alone, the right one?


Jennifer Nelson of Jennifer Nelson Artists has an informative three day workshop with Modern Thrive called, "How Do I Get an Agent, and Do I Really Need One" on March 16th. You can sign up here.  In the workshop you will learn whether an agent is right for you, how to decide who to represent you, how to package your work into a presentation to get noticed, and get customized help for your art career. It's $97 but you can win a free place here

Even though it is live, the sessions will be recorded for those of us that cannot make it live. I'm signing up and I think you should join me!

In celebration of the workshop and getting answers to our questions, and some guidance on how to find the right agent, I have compiled a list of agencies that may suit you.

Studio Voltaire

Meehan Design Group

Mosiac Licensing

Art Visions Fine Art Licensing

Artworks Licensing

DSW Licensing

JMS Art Licensing

CP Licensing

Cypress Fine Art Licensing

MHS Licensing

Gelsinger Licensing Group

Advocate Art

Leo Licensing

London Portfolio

Magnet Reps

PM Design Group

Wild Apple

Ruth Levinson Design

Out of the Blue

The Paintbox

Inspire Art Licensing

Courtney Davis, Inc

The Mingle Agency

Yellow House Art Licensing

Painted Plant Licensing Group

Creative Connection, Inc.

Porterfield's Fine Art Licensing 

Before choosing an agency, do your research! Make sure that they align with how you see your career. Ask lots and lots of questions! Here are a few to get you started:

How long is a typical contract?

Can I work with companies outside of the agency? How do you handle house accounts? (This is where you already have a working relationship with a company).

How are invoices and payments made?

How busy are your artists?

What trade shows do you attend and what portion is paid for by the artist?

Who else do you represent? How many artists total?

What specific companies do they work with?

What is the percentage split?

And last but not least, ask to speak with other artists they represent. Call them and see what their experience has been. Is it positive or negative? How much work is being sent their way? 

How will you find your art licensing agent?

ISSUU: Create an Online Lookbook

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I love looking at other artists work. It's inspiring and interesting to see the view from another. For quite some time I have been looking at work on ISSUU. Have you heard of it? 


ISSUU has over 20,000 publications uploaded everyday. It is an easy platform for showcasing your work and embedding it on your website. Once your publication is uploaded, it has the potential of being viewed by millions of users all over the world. 

You can track your statistics, such as how many people have viewed your lookbook, how many impressions, how many people are following you, and even the average time a user spends looking at it. These can be valuable tools to pinpoint where your design brand should go. 

There is a free version with limited capabilities, just like what you have seen already. With each upgraded plan, different features are added for your use. 


There are publications from any and every topic you can think of. What's great about this tool is that you can create a lookbook for each of your design collections, embed them on your website, and send the link to potential clients.

Here are a few lookbooks I made of my recent collections:

What will you make with ISSUU?

Uppercase Creative Calendar: January 2016

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As a designer, I am constantly on the lookout for creative opportunities and outlets for some of my artwork. I love it when people tell me that my designs brighten their day! What better way to brighten someone's day then have a sketch on a calendar?

uppercase creative calendar may 15 2016 love midge

Uppercase Magazine recently sent out a call for submission for their 2016 creative calendar. 344 artists heard the call and sent in amazing artwork. 


My "Get Dirty" little girl sketch was chosen for May 15, 2016. What is great about the calendar is that is includes inspirational quotes with black and white artwork that you color in. Great job Uppercase! I feel so honored to have been able to be included in this calendar!

Make It In Design Blog: 100 Days of Pattern December 22, 2015

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I have taken several course with the amazing crew at The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. I submitted some of my designs for inclusion into a student showcase in 2015. One of my designs did make the showcase (out of 4 submitted), but when I was notified that they had chosen another for #100daysofpattern, I was elated. And yes there was another happy dance. It's becoming more and more lately, so I think I may need my own dance floor installed in my office. *cough* *cough* *hint*


This particular design was one I did early in my learning process. It is truly awesome to see how far I have come in one year. It is called Enchanted Forest, and was during my I-Love-Everything-Chevron phase that has still not come to an end even though my hubby read somewhere on the net that the chevron is now over. Silly internet writers. 

What artwork have you submitted and were pleasantly surprised at seeing it being used for another purpose?

MOYO Magazine: A Postcard From Big Bear, California August 2015

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Sometime you just need a little bit of wonderful news to make your day...or month...or year. That day came early in 2015 when I received an email from the folks at MOYO Magazine, and they wanted my hometown and one of my designs to be featured in their magazine. If you know me, I did a little running man to celebrate!


The easy part was the celebration and my moves like Jagger. The hard part was to find photos of my hometown that were magazine worthy. We were in the middle a winter with very little snow and an intense drought. It was difficult to find photos that really captured who we are here in Big Bear, California. But, when you get an opportunity like this, you kind of work with what you got!

My favorite part of driving up the mountain road is one corner on Hwy 38. It is so beautiful! That photo is courtesy of my son (who is an amazing photographer) Tristan Courtney. 

What do you think?