Love Midge


It's a very long boring story about how love midge got started, so i'll spare you the details.

I have had to realize the hard way that the road to success is paved with heartache, frustration, self-doubt, and screw-ups. My definition of success is probably different than yours, but mine ends with a half glass of wine. Not a whole glass, cuz that would be so unladylike.  I mean, come on. I am all roses and sunshine. My road has great scenery, and tanning in lawn chairs with Corona's of course.

i love design. color. pattern. and my imagination runs wild.

Wild like the Where the Wild Things Are. Not the dried up rock star with smeared lipstick on your cheek wild. I enjoy surrounding myself with colorful, patterned things. I like to put my best foot forward. Thank goodness my other foot is there for balance just in case it gets a little crazy.

i don't have regrets and neither should you. especially when it comes to your design choices.

So, let's get to work. Cuz that's what I'm about. And I like to have a fun while we are getting it all done. Life is no fun unless you can crack a joke or two at yourself (and maybe your neighbor?).

why the name love midge?

It's my childhood nickname. I use to cringe when my mother called me it, but now I am embracing it. Plus, since I am giving you all the goodness my heart can give, obviously it's all from Love. Pretty clever, huh?

have i reeled you in yet? 

After all that and a bag of chips (preferably the high calorie, fake cheesy kind), are you interested in working with me? Send me a message!

Here are some of the blogs and magazines that you can see some of my work:

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